Simple Beautiful Collaborative
Side-by-Side View
Simple Math and Text Styling

Use LaTeX and Markdown syntax to style text and add math, equations, lists and more. Export articles to .tex or .md. elltwo features syntax highlighting, command completion, macros and more.
Customizable Enviroments

Customizable latex like environments make formatting easy. Environments can be custom styled and referenced from other cells or other articles. elltwo handels both text based enviorments as well as images, HTML5 SVG elements, and figures.
Intelligent Referencing

Easily create references to equations, figures, environments and other articles. elltwo will generate popup style links to help readers parse reference heavy documents without leaving the page.
Biblograpic Managment

Manage a bibliographic database, search the web for articles, and import citations. Reference within articles using a citeKey a la bibTeX.
Full Text Search

Articles are fully indexed to allow users to search the full text. Search using math/latex notation to find formula and equations.

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elltwo is a python/javascript application that can be run locally or over the internet. It is ideal for small scale wiki's with lots of technical/mathematical content, writing collaborative textbooks or lecture notes, and fast (but lightweight) TeX-like formatting. Articles can be accessed/shared via URLs or exported as .tex or .md files.
Projects can be fully ungated (wiki-like decentralized editing), require a login to edit (for public viewing; e.g., lecture notes) or require a login to view (completely private mode).
elltwo features intelligent referencing, tex macros, syntax highlighting, command completion, image and figure handling, bibliographic web search/import, integrated version control, full text indexing and search, and more.
elltwo was a lockdown project of Doug Hanley and Evan Piermont. It is named after Ellsworth Avenue in Pittsburgh.